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Tax resident in Hungary

Among all EU member states, Hungary has the lowest corporate tax – 9%. The personal income tax rate is 15%. These tax rates are fixed, so does not make a difference how much money you earn, tax percentage remains at the same rate.

Another payment which you will be subject to as a Hungarian tax resident is social security tax, which is 17,5%, but the maximum payment is limited to approx. 2 000 € per year. For example, if you earn 100 000 € per year, your social security payment in Hungary will be only 2%!

In order to become a tax resident of Hungary you will need to

  1. establish a company in Hungary through which you will receive personal income;
  2. purchase a residential property;
  3. obtain a tax residence certificate from the Hungarian tax authority and report it in your initial country of residence to exclude double taxation of your Hungarian incomes.